On the shore
AUTEUR : 3zusjes
  • note: 1/5
    a secret place, far from the tourits ways but a group of African bag saler kept amusing us ;)
  • note: 0/5
    Loosing our ways, walking under the soft sun, or under the hard rain, but finding magic !
  • note: 0/5
    at The Bienale Architettura a limitless exposition ! on our common ground we can feel very small ...
  • note: 0/5
    Impressive ! by its greatness and by its calm
  • note: 0/5
    Everything is a piece of art in Venezia ! Even their way of life and their stories ...
  • note: 0/5
    We had the pleasure to stay in the most huge, luxurious & gorgeous appartement of the world ;)
  • note: 0/5
    Venezia, you got me under your spell !
  • note: 0/5
    No other pictures in Siena, this is it, but that is also everything ! We stucked there, just enjoying in peace.. Well, you've missed the part where Ilona was singing Happy Birthday in dutch for nobody at a slam evening ;) Sorry, we were having a too bad laugh to take pictures of it ^^

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